Happy Parents - Testimonials

"I just wanted to send a sincere "Thank you"! I would recommended Mypreschool to any parent in search of a quality care provider. As a parent we trust the teachers with the care of my child each day. I find the stuff to be nurturing and attentive to my child. They work hard to create an educational environment to encourage the children to thrive."

Saibendranath Basak

"The first thing we liked was the approach towards us, which was very warm. More importance was given to the infrastructure, security and activities. Aarushi, my two and a half year old daughter loves going to school. The reason is the teachers, staff and the activities my daughter does during the school time. The teachers and staff are very dedicated. The feed the kids during lunch time and no child is left unattended during the school time. This is what all parents look for."

Aarushi Jetti

"As parents we did a lot of research and visited most of the play schools nearby and found myPreschool, which is now proved to be the best. I am sending my daughter to this playschool and she is doing very well. She happily goes to school. The school has good teachers, weekly concepts, parent teacher meeting, colour concepts, festival celebrations. The best part of this school is its location; my daughter goes to school without crying. Last but the least we love myPreschool."

Shivika R

"Hi, This is Mohamed Maqbool here, actually this is my first review, my little son studies in this school and to be frank, I really appreciate the school management for the progress of my kid step by step, especially the head mistress is mainly responsible for good education not only for my kid but I believe all kids who studies in this school. I recommend all parents who are planning to admit there kids for the first time that they may admit in this school, I give 5* out of 5* to the school"

Mohamed Maqbool

"I'm Saba Fathima I'm very thankfull to Syeda ma'am and teaching staff of mypreschool my son Zohran is studying their and he is very happy with his teacher's and I'm doing my NTT course ...It takes big heart to shape little mind... One of the best school in this locality... Syeda ma'am she is a very good teacher their is a saying that "THE INFLUENCE OF A GOOD TEACHER CAN NEVER BE ERASED" .... Thank you ma'am for everything..."

Saba Fathima

"I convey my warm regards to the principal madam and entire teaching staff of MyPreschool for showcasing their efforts and support during my course. I really appreciate the efforts for bringing such a tremendous change in my teaching and writing skills. Please keep up the good work at MyPreschool and may your banner keep flying high madam. regards, Sumithra"

Sumithra Prabhu

"The best school for students to learn and play. A combination of good education and extra curricular activities. The teachers and staff are hard working and give each and every child attention and love."

Sonia Shariff

"Amazing school. Love the atmosphere and the teaching staff. Best school to put your kids in. So happy seeing so much effort put into every child."

SK Prathi

"This is the best pre school where a child can learn properly. Teachers are actually very good and helpful also. The school environment is very child friendly."

Sumon Mukherjee

"The best school I've come across. Caring and loving teachers and staff. The students love to go to school. The education provided by the school is excellent."

Inayat Shariff

"Hi, This is best school where I did my NTT course . Ma'am explain very clearly even a small to small things. Ma'am gives positive power and very supportive. Teaching is awesome. Thank you 💖"


"So happy with the school. The best school. My son loves to go to school and loves his teachers. Thank you for this beautiful experience ."

Veena Prasad

"Hi! My sister is an NTT candidate of myPreschool. Shaiba is getting trained here. One of the best preschools in this locality. A definite recommendation for all preschoolers here!"

Mohammed Zabi

"If you are searching for a good school then this is the best. Your search ends here. The atmosphere of this school is child friendly and helpful."

Gowrav D.P

"A wonderful and safe place to send our kids with good learning activities.And has a good faculty.Had the best experience.Would recommend to all my friends."


"We find that this school is a wonderful place for my kid. The teachers and staff are very co-operative, friendly and caring. Students get exactly what they need. I love this school."

Dhruvan Acharya

"An amazing school with the best teachers. They give equal importance to education and extra curricular activities."

Ruman Shariff

"An amazing place to send your kids amazing and fun atmosphere with an excellent and caring staff and faculty ..had an really good experience"

Priyanka Nagaraju

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